July 18, 2024
Martha Stewart Breaks Records with SI Swimsuit Cover at 81

Martha Stewart Breaks Records with SI Swimsuit Cover at 81

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Age-Defying Martha Stewart Lands SI Swimsuit Cover at 81

New Delhi : Martha Stewart, the renowned figure in the culinary world, made a special appearance on TODAY on May 15 to unveil her latest venture. Rather than introducing a new business venture, a compilation of cleaning advice, or a meticulously crafted recipe, Stewart surprised Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie with the revelation that she graces one of the covers of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The magazine featuring Stewart’s cover will be available for purchase starting May 18.

Martha Stewart Breaks Records with SI Swimsuit Cover at 81
Martha Stewart Breaks Records

Martha Stewart, at the age of 81, has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the oldest cover model in the history of the SI Swimsuit Issue. Renowned photographer Ruven Afanador captured Stewart’s stunning photographs in the beautiful setting of the Dominican Republic. Joining her on the cover are three other models: Megan Fox, Kim Petras, and Brooks Nader. During her appearance on TODAY, Stewart shared her excitement, accompanied by a gleeful laugh, and expressed her fondness for the captivating cover image.

She also shared her experience of changing into nine different bathing suits in front of a crew on the island, acknowledging the unique and somewhat nerve-wracking nature of the process. Despite the challenges, Stewart expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the shoot.

Martha Stewart’s Stunning SI Swimsuit Cover: A Graceful Display of Elegance and Refined Style

Hoda responded enthusiastically, affirming that the cover turned out even better than expected. Curious about the process behind the stunning cover, Hoda asked Martha Stewart to share the story. Stewart revealed that the idea was presented to her in November of the previous year and she was informed that she needed to be ready to pose by the end of January.

Reflecting on this unique request, Stewart chuckled and expressed that it was a type of request she had never received before. Being chosen for the cover at her age was indeed a challenge, but she confidently stated that she rose to meet that challenge.

On the cover, Stewart is adorned in a swimsuit provided by Monday Swimwear, complemented by a cover-up from Torso Creations, and accessorized with pieces from Anita Ko and Jacob & Co. With the elegance and refined style she is renowned for, the grandmother of two gracefully reclines on a bench covered with a blanket. It’s no surprise that her background as a successful model in her early career continues to shine through in everything she undertakes.

“I continue to maintain my Pilates routine every other day because it’s truly wonderful,” Stewart shared. She emphasized that she didn’t resort to starving herself but instead made some dietary adjustments leading up to the cover shoot, such as avoiding bread and pasta. Alongside her dedication to exercise, Stewart follows a clean lifestyle, including a good diet, regular exercise, and diligent skincare.

Martha Stewart Breaks Records with SI Swimsuit Cover at 81
Martha Stewart

In addition to the cover, the photoshoot showcases Stewart in various beach scenes, including one where she is accompanied by galloping horses, another where she relaxes in a spacious cabana adorned with palms and ferns, and an image capturing her floating in the sea, albeit without any food present.

According to Stewart, this experience serves as a testament to the concept of living well. She believes that everyone should focus on pursuing a fulfilling and successful life rather than fixating on the process of aging, which she finds mundane and uninteresting. This sentiment was shared by another influential figure in the food world, Padma Lakshmi, aged 52, who will also be featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Martha Stewart Breaks Records with SI Swimsuit Cover at 81
Martha Stewart News

In a promotional video for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Padma Lakshmi expressed her perspective on her own body and self-confidence. She acknowledged that her thighs might have been leaner and her breasts slightly higher during earlier stages of her life. However, she confidently stated that she has never felt better about herself than she does now. Lakshmi hopes that viewers see her as a complete woman, embracing all her facets, nuances, and even contradictions. She emphasized that she wouldn’t trade her current self for her younger years, even if offered a vast sum of money.

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