June 17, 2024
Home Sweet Legal Battle: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Face Off in Court

Home Sweet Legal Battle

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Home Sweet Legal Battle: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Face Off in Court

New Delhi : Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom are set to go to trial in their legal dispute against Carl Wescott, the previous owner of their residence in Santa Barbara.

The celebrity couple initiated a lawsuit against Wescott, who had initially sold them the house for $15 million in 2020. The lawsuit was prompted by Wescott’s attempt to backtrack on the sale and invalidate the agreement.

In court documents revealed on August 9th and obtained by Us Weekly, Wescott asserts that he was not in the right mental state to comprehend the nature and potential outcomes of the contract when he sold the property to Perry and Bloom. He attributes this claim to various factors, including his use of painkillers following a back surgery.

The legal papers presented in support of Wescott’s case contended that his “fragility due to advanced age and deteriorating health caused by Huntington’s Disease,” coupled with “several opiate medications,” impaired his mental capacity when he reviewed the sale transaction on July 14, 2020.

The statement further elaborated that these elements “severely impaired [Westcott’s] cognitive abilities to the extent that he was mentally unsound and lacked the capacity to provide his informed, voluntary, or rational consent to the agreement. Consequently, the contract he entered into to transfer his residence is either null or capable of being nullified.”

Home Sweet Legal Battle: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Face Off in Court
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Face Off in Court

Wescott’s argument constructs a scenario where, sometime after the sale, he came to the realization that he had made the decision while under the influence. He allegedly got in touch with Berkshire Hathaway, acting as a representative for both the seller and buyer. During this communication, he purportedly detailed his circumstances and clarified that he genuinely had no intention of selling his property.

Perry and Bloom exhibited their resolve by not yielding to the situation. According to reports, they crafted a letter in response, expressing their deep attachment to the residence and their unwavering desire to proceed with the acquisition. In turn, Wescott retorted, highlighting that he finds himself in the twilight years of his life and is unable to part with his home.

In the wake of this exchange, the pair, who had also become parents with the addition of their daughter Daisy in 2020, promptly initiated legal measures against Wescott. Their stance was that he holds a legal responsibility to finalize the sale as per their initial agreement. The legal proceedings have now reached a culmination, with the case slated for a trial, three years subsequent to the incident’s occurrence. The trial is scheduled to commence on August 21st.

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