May 21, 2024
Biden and Trump Deadlocked at 37% in Exclusive Poll

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Biden and Trump Deadlocked at 37% in Exclusive Poll, RFK Jr. Shakes Up Race

New Delhi : One year before the presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are each polling at 37%, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is drawing 13% of the vote, potentially costing Trump a narrow lead. Progressive activist Cornel West, also running as an independent, garners 4% and his supporters would shift to Biden if he were not in the race. The survey reveals the complexity of the upcoming election, with the addition of significant independent candidates.

Desiree Whitney, a Trump voter in 2020, is open to voting for Kennedy due to his outsider status. Kennedy, known for environmental advocacy, has also embraced conspiracy theories, which has swayed some voters.

The poll suggests that 26% of voters would seriously consider supporting a bipartisan ticket, while another 23% might consider it depending on the nominees. Biden voters are more inclined to entertain this idea than Trump voters.

In a head-to-head match without Kennedy, Trump narrowly leads Biden 41%-39%, with West at 7%. Without West, Biden edges Trump 38%-37%, with Kennedy at 14%. In a scenario without either independent candidate, Biden and Trump tie at 41%-41%.

Trump has a strong grip on the Republican nomination, leading the GOP field at 58%, up from 48% in a previous poll. Ron DeSantis, once his top rival, has fallen to 12%, only slightly ahead of Nikki Haley at 11%.

Trump holds a notable advantage over Biden in terms of voter enthusiasm, scoring a mean enthusiasm rating of 7.1 compared to Biden’s 6.28. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters include 50% of Republicans, 58% of union members, and 54% of those aged 50 to 64.

Biden and Trump Deadlocked at 37% in Exclusive Poll, RFK Jr. Shakes Up Race
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Biden’s supporters exhibit less enthusiasm across demographic groups. Only 29% of those aged 65 and older, 21% of Black voters, and 17% of Democrats rate their enthusiasm as a perfect 10.

The poll asked Democratic voters if they would support Biden or Marianne Williamson in a primary, with 73% backing Biden and 11% supporting Williamson. This may reflect some voters’ inclination to support anyone but Biden.

President Biden’s job approval rating stands at 40% approve and 56% disapprove. A majority of Trump supporters (52%) would vote for him no matter what, while 27% said “nothing” would prevent them from voting for him. About a third could imagine a reason to change their vote, with 14% saying they would switch if a better candidate emerged, and 12% if Trump were in jail.

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