July 14, 2024
Summer Pet Care Tips and Habit Changes"

Summer Pet Care Tips and Habit Changes"

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Taking care of pets in summer and changing their habits:

Due to changing temperatures and pollution, pets also need more care now. If your pet is of a cold climate species, then it will require more attention. Keep these things in mind:

Don’t leave them in the car for too long – Many people take their pets along when they go out for shopping or other errands. During this time, make sure not to leave them in the car for too long as the car heats up very quickly.

Summer Pet Care Tips and Habit Changes"
Summer Pet Care Tips and Habit Changes”

Limit excessive exercise – Exercise heats up the body, so try not to over-exercise your pet in this weather. Instead, you can engage them in light exercises in the morning. Pay attention to their paws as walking on hot roads can cause discomfort. So, take them for walks in the morning or evening.

Hydration is essential – When animals pant, they release moisture from their lungs, which helps to regulate their body temperature. However, in extreme heat conditions, they may not be able to do this activity correctly, which can lead to a rapid increase in their body temperature. Therefore, provide them with fresh and cool water both inside and outside the house. Use a bathtub for bathing to ensure they stay in the water longer, which will help them cool down.

Change these habits:

Feeding together – It’s common for dogs to do this in households where there is a dog. Even though they have their own mealtime, they often sit in front of you and indicate that they want to eat. You sometimes feed them a little out of affection. However, overeating is not good for their health.

Establish a regular feeding schedule for your dog. This will help control their appetite, and you can prevent them from overeating.

Dogs quickly associate smell with food, so keep their feeding area separate from yours. When you feed them, you can also have your meal. This way, they will only associate the smell with their own food.

Cleanliness after a walk – It’s essential to take your dog out for a walk in the morning and evening, but when they return, wash their paws with water. At one time, you can use wet wipes or damp cloth to clean their paws to prevent any discomfort or entry of germs into the house.

Dust and dirt can cause irritation or other problems in their paws. So, after wiping their paws with a wet cloth or wipes, apply some balm or moisturizer on them.

Dogs also have shoes that you can put on them to take them for a walk. Initially, it may seem strange to them, but gradually they will get used to it.


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